Backpack Designing: Drawing and Planning Phase

To let people know, we have the first basic design completed for the PnR backpack. As you can see in the photos (below), you can see what my thoughts are for this first prototype. My dad and I bought the first batch of materials and right now I am practicing my sewing with my mom to get comfortable in sewing the materials together for the prototype.

CCI03132015_00000   CCF03132015_00000

This first prototype will provide a base for the backpack designing process. I plan to post updates as we work through the first prototype so that you can see how the design changes from additional thoughts.

Thank you for your patience.

– Martin

Exercise to Improve your Mind

In January, Otago researchers had conduct a test on 52 tertiary students “to test the oft-held belief that the brains of young adults in their prime might not benefit as much as older people from regular sustained exercise” and what they found was evidences “that regular exercise is a way to sharpen our cognitive ability as young adults.” Running for a couple of miles for 5 days would be an example.

For more information about this research and what was found, here is the link to the article: Study Indicates Exercise Sharpens the Young Adult Brain