2021 Trash Pick-up at Brockway Mountain

On April 30th, Martin Mueller finished his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering. To celebrate his degree and start going into the world, he volunteered to help pick up trash at Brockway Mountain in Copper Harbor, Michigan the very next day. For two hours, Martin picked up one and a half bags worth of trash in just one area (he was tasked to work at the peak of the mountain). The majority of the trash were cans and bottles that seems to be from the 1960s (based on the design and doing some research). They were rusty and partly broken down, but still visible from the ground.

Other volunteers also helped pick up trash in the same area and along various of points of the mountain. The amount of trash that were found in just two hours was just surprising to hear. It does get me wondering on how those trash were generated. Were they thrown out by the public? Blown away without people noticing (there are often high winds on top of the mountain)? I will not know exactly. But today is just one of many days where clean up is conducted on Brockway Mountain. Below are some photos that I took while picking up trash and enjoying the view of the area behind Copper Harbor.

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