The culture of an organization is based upon the values and beliefs of the people. If those values and beliefs are similar and aligned with one another, then the organization has a greater probability of realizing its vision, and the goals of the individuals associated with organization (organization and individual goals are aligned).  We want people to self-select to work with Pick’n Run and to work on the initiative of making cleaning up trash easy and fun based upon having the same values and beliefs.  We believe that working with and having employees / team members with the similar core values and beliefs will make it more enjoyable to work together. Working in an enjoyable environment leads to higher performance and goal realization.

Below are the five (5) core values of the Pick’n Run organization:

  1. Have fun and learn: People who work with Pick’n Run have a need to learn, and thus, are always trying to find out new things — driven by their curiosity.  Learning is magnified when one is having fun (people want to learn more, and retain more of what they learn).  And if one isn’t having fun, then it isn’t worth doing (borrowed from guitarist, Tommy Bolin)…or as Grouch Marx said: “if you are not having fun, you are doing something wrong”.
  2. Individual and organizational transparency: Be honest and provide as much information as possible to all stakeholders. These days, technology can make that happen more readily, and Pick’n Run works to use that technology to make the organization more and more transparent.
  3. Combine environmental stewardship and health fitness: For every solution that Pick’n Run works on, both environmental stewardship AND health fitness need to be included; we will not do one without the other.
  4. Financially sustainability: To make a dent in improving the environment and the health of individuals, the organization needs to generate revenue that is greater than its expenses. Otherwise, the organization shouldn’t (and can not) exist and the organization should release the resources to the environment to allow for other opportunities to find their way to the market.  In other words, if Pick’n Run is not financially sustainable, and has to use financial resources outside of revenue from customers, then the organization shouldn’t continue to exist — as the organization is not useful to society.
  5. Caring: We care about what our employees create, build, and design, which are products that help our users / customers clean up the environment and be fit.  In addition, we care about our users / customers and addressing their need to clean up their environment and being fit.  And, we care about the environment.