Articles – One City and One Individual Collecting Trash from Oceans and Sewage

One of the problems of trash is the among of it leaving the streets and into the water ways. Thousands of pounds are slipping past us with or without us realizing it. Companies, cities, organizations, and individuals are coming up with solutions that makes collecting trash easier for everyone. How they do it are unique to each other.

The city of Kwinana focus on the sewerage where waste leaves near water way. By using nets to test how many pounds of trash could be collected. To see the results from these tests, click on the link below.

City of Kwinana initiative nets impressive results

Meanwhile a man named Boyan Slat focuses on cleaning up the oceans and figuring out ways to capture the trash before it arrives to the ocean. He founded and runs The Ocean Cleanup project. He started the project in 2018. His goal is for his company to clean up 90% of ocean plastic pollution. He lean how their project work and their progress, you can visit the article and their website below

Ocean Cleanup steams out to sea in test run to clean Great Pacific Garbage Patch

The Ocean Cleanup official website

Articles – Plogging in Pune and Mysuru

In 2016, the concept of plogging formed in Sweden. Over the years, it spreads to countries. People and organizations come together to clean up their streets that contains trash. Two cities in India particularly are starting to have their streets trash-free through plogging. In Pune, a group of youngsters have collected 30,000 kg of trash over a four month time period. In Mysuru, the city has ran the first-ever ploggathon earlier this month, and collected over 400 kg of single-use plastic waste.

More details on these groups and their mission can be found be clicking on the links below.

Pune: Ploggers clean Mutha’s banks one stretch at a time

On a mission to clean Mysuru, citizens go plogging

Article: ‘Pokemon Go’ Sets Goal for Biggest Organized Cleanup on Earth Day

How many of you remember when Pokemon Go first came out two years ago? Looking at today, it is not as popular anymore, but still has over 20 million active daily users. About four weeks ago, developer Niantic announced that they not only will add story missions and daily tasks to the game, but also events relating to being eco-friendly. It is called “Pokemon Go Earth Day Cleanup.” Even though Earth Day has already went by, users can request NGOs in their area to host the event.

For more details, click on this link: ‘Pokemon Go’ Sets Goal for Biggest Organized Cleanup on Earth Day

Plogging – The New Type of Exercise

Recently, people in America have been partaking in “the Swedish fitness craze” called plogging. For those who have not heard what it is, it is a type of exercise that involves jogging and picking up trash. All a jogger needs is their running shoes and a bag (or just their hands) to plog. What plogging does not only promotes on cleaning the environment, but also gets people to exercise at the same time.

To read more into plogging, click on the link below.

Article: ‘Ploggin’ is the Swedish fitness craze for people who want to save the planet. It’s making its way to the U.S.

When comparing plogging to Pick’n Run’s motto (cleaning the world one run at a time), they are exactly the same.