Article: ‘Pokemon Go’ Sets Goal for Biggest Organized Cleanup on Earth Day

How many of you remember when Pokemon Go first came out two years ago? Looking at today, it is not as popular anymore, but still has over 20 million active daily users. About four weeks ago, developer Niantic announced that they not only will add story missions and daily tasks to the game, but also events relating to being eco-friendly. It is called “Pokemon Go Earth Day Cleanup.” Even though Earth Day has already went by, users can request NGOs in their area to host the event.

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Plogging – The New Type of Exercise

Recently, people in America have been partaking in “the Swedish fitness craze” called plogging. For those who have not heard what it is, it is a type of exercise that involves jogging and picking up trash. All a jogger needs is their running shoes and a bag (or just their hands) to plog. What plogging does not only promotes on cleaning the environment, but also gets people to exercise at the same time.

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Article: ‘Ploggin’ is the Swedish fitness craze for people who want to save the planet. It’s making its way to the U.S.

When comparing plogging to Pick’n Run’s motto (cleaning the world one run at a time), they are exactly the same.