‘All my Trash Fits in a Single Mason Jar’

How much trash do you make in a day? About 4.4 pounds of trash like Americans? Or how about in a 16-ounce Mason jar?

Lauren Singer is a 23-year-old woman who “is a practitioner of a light-footprint, minimal-plastic lifestyle” and a business owner of The Simply Co.. She avoids “purchasing or using anything that might end up in a landfill.” As you look at her trash on the website, she tells us that the amount of trash she made is actually two years of trash (you will be surprised on what and how much trash was saved from going to waste).

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Also, she has information about her product (a detergent) on The Simply Co.  The detergent has 3 organic ingredients in it. To get the product developed, she ran a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in which she was able to raise $42k.

Would you like to be able to product that little of trash each year?

Run Daren Run

Daren Wendell has a mission that requires great will and focus to be accomplished. That mission is to run 100 marathons in 100 days (a marathon a day) in the United States through a route that he designed (from Santa Monica Pier, California to times Square, New York).

To follow Daren through his adventure to run through the United States, go to this website or go on Facebook to see his runs :

Run Daren Run

Daren Wendell on Facebook

[ Update 2015-02-22: Daren has run a marathon+ for 53 days straight, amounting to 1,533 miles run; has currently raised $77,406 for Active Water ]

Trash Music

Have you ever seen or heard of instruments being made out of materials that we never thought of? There are instruments out there that are made out of vegetables /fruits and even trash (or recycled materials from the dump). That’s right, playable instruments made out of trash.

In the country of Paraguay, a man named Favio Chavez create a music group called the Orchestra of Recycled Instruments “to keep the children [of Paraguay] out of trouble” from all the violence, drug usage, drunk strangers, and child labor. There was one problem: Favio didn’t have enough money to buy instruments for the children. The answer: go to the dump and grab recycled materials to make incredible instruments.

Here is the video explaining how using trash to save a child’s life from all the negative problems around them is another way:

Children’s Orchestra Play Instruments Made from Trash

My personal favorite recycled instrument would the house gutter saxophone.