The Solution: Runners

Our solution to cleaning up trash is with YOU, runners.  How?

Trash can be picked up during regular runs.  As you run, you can pick up trash that you see.  This can be either done via your route on an ad hoc basis.  Or it can be done by scheduling to run to a place where you know there is trash, picking up the trash, putting it in a container at that location, and then running back to your starting point.

We are developing tools to make it easier to pick up trash during your runs, including a backpack, a waistpack, and gloves.

Sometimes it is not “clean” or feasible for you to pick up the trash on your run.  However, you can still document where the trash is by using the Pick’n Run app.  If you use a mobile phone with a global positioning system (GPS), you can keep track of the location of the trash with a simple and quick click of a button or taking a picture of the trash.

The Pick’n Run programs make exercising and picking up trash fun and purposeful.  The programs include competitions, informal runs, and trashcan stickers.

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