The Problem: Trash

Trash can be found in many places, including your own neighborhood, on streets, on trails, and in other public locations. Trash can be either created by accident, carelessness, or on purpose, none of which is appealing to live with.

A lot of people think trash is bad for plants and animals. Well, there is more: it also bad for humans. How you may ask?

  • Three, it takes up more space to hide it forever
  • Four, it causes pollution (which I am surprised to hear that fact)

There are many more reasons why trash is also bad for us too.  Here is a perfect web site that has the science to back up our ideas of why trash is bad to everyone and everything on our only planet:

We are only one of the many programs that are trying to clean the environment. The facts that are provided are about only a piece of the trash situation in our world. Please remember this: this is our only planet that we live on forever.  If you want to make this planet a better place to live, help be the helper of the savor of earth.

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