Trash Can Sticker

Trash Can Sticker [ Price: Free ]


The Pick’n Run Trash Can Sticker is a program which involves the partnership of municipalities.  Citizens of a city can put a Pick’n Run stick on their trash can to let Pick’n Run volunteers / participants know they can put trash they pick up on their runs into their trash cans.

A Trash Can Sticker can also be picked up at your local government if your city supports the Pick’n Run initiative.  To find out if your city supports the Pick’n Run initiative, you can go to this page and see if your city is on the list.  If your city is not on the list, you can point your city representatives to the following page on the Pick’n Run web site to learn more about the program and to have your city sign up to help runners and citizens of your city support “cleaning the world one run at a time“.

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