Catching Loggers with Sound

Have you ever heard what a rain forest sounds like? If so, what do you hear? Are you able to hear the sound of chainsaws in the background? If not, then that is a problem. Illegal logging are going around cutting beautiful trees behind our backs, all while the sound is blending with the sound of nature.

What is the solution for this? Topher White came up with a solution that involves the sun, trees, environmental friendly materials, and used cell phones. That’s right, cell phones that can catch a chainsaw frequency and notify people around the area to stop the loggers in their cutting process.

If you want to hear more about Topher White’s idea, below is the TED talk video. Take the time to hear what YOU can do to help with his startup Rainforest Connection and save the rain forest.

Planting a Tree One Cup at a Time

How can you give birth to a new generation of trees and plants with a coffee cup?

The answer, use Plantable Coffee Cups that contain seeds and biodegradable materials that biodegrade in 180 days. Alex Henige came up with the idea of using coffee cups as a product that grows trees from the fact that Americans throw away 140 billion cups annually. Since that it is “a daily consumption that was amounting to a massive pile of waste.” The company is heading to Boulder, CO and Marin Country to have their cups in coffee shops.

For more information about their cup idea, visit the link below:

California Entrepreneur Invents Coffee Cups that can Revive Forests