Easy Running is a Moderate Exercise

What is the first thought when you hear “moderate exercise?”

Do you think of hard, intensive workout or something else?

Well, if you think it is hard, intensive workout, well, you are just overestimating yourself. Amy Rushlow explains in this article, called “How Hard is Moderate Exercise? Not as Hard as You Might Think”, on how moderate exercise is actually much simpler than it sounds.

After reading the article, has your thoughts changed about moderate exercise? If so, good. If not, here are some examples that you can do as a moderate exercise: walking for an hour, running at a relaxing pace for about an hour, or even riding your bike around your neighborhood. Exercising is just simple to do. Spread out the word to have people to exercise better without having to  feel that you have to go hard. Hope you found your exercise that is moderate.

Exercising is the Prescription for Depression

Scientists are finding out that exercising reduces the amount of depression and stress that people would have. What they started with was with mice that has a high level of stress and depression. What they ended up was result with something that we could for ourselves. Check out this link that consists an article about the scientists’ finding about finding out how exercising can be our new prescription for depression.

Exercise: Prescription for Depression

Changing the Way of Trash (Including Dogs)

New York City is changing their way on collection trash and recyclables. Since the 1800s, the people of New York didn’t care about where the trash would end up, such as the ocean. In 1934, Secretary of State places a law that no trash are allowed to be dumped into the ocean, so trash is now being places in landfills, which takes up space. This video explains how the trash system has changed to this day and how they want to make it better that saves money for their company, the environment/land, and the sanitation level for the people to be healthy. Also, below it is an article below the video that explains about how letting dogs pee on trash bags and recycling bins is not a great idea for the garbage people.

Why the Garbage Man Might Dislike Your Dog

That would really change the way of living for the people of New York City, but in a good way. Just think about what you could do in your state that is similar or the same as the people of New York City are doing.

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Cleaner Wins, Litter Losses

Recently, we found a video that shows a woman in Russia, who gives litterbugs a taste of their own trash by doing an action that most of us would not even think about doing: throwing litterbug’s  trash in their face.

‘Girl vs. littering’: Motorcycle-riding vigilante takes sweet revenge on litterbugs 

What do you think about that? Would you have done that kind of action if you saw someone littering in front of you face? Or would you have done something else? You could do a similar action by cleaning up the mess that humans provide and share with people about what they can do to help you and other people out there to clean up the mess.