Trash Runs

There are various Pick’n Run events that have been developed to excite runners.  They are Trash Runs, Competitions, and Tail Runs.

Trash Runs

Using the Pick’n Run web site, individuals are able to schedule a “Trash Run”.  The steps for scheduling a “Trash Run” are:

  1. Identify a place that needs trash to be cleaned up (e.g. a park)
  2. Schedule a date for individuals to meet at a designated starting place for the run
  3. On the date of the run, individuals will meet at the designated starting place and then run from the designated starting place to the place that needs trash cleaned up
  4. At the place that needs cleaning, individuals will spend a designated amount of time cleaning up the place and then will run back to the starting place


There are two types of competitions: A) Official Trail Races, and B) Personal Runs

A) Official Trail Races:  During trail races, individuals are able to collect points for picking up trash as they run on the trail.  So they can compete against their fellow runners on both time and the amount of trash they collect while they run the trail race.

B) Personal Runs: Using the Pick’n Run web site, users are able to keep track of the trash they pick up and compete against their friends.

Tail Runs

A tail run is when a group of individuals run after an official race has been run to clean up the trash.  The individuals start at the starting line of the race after all of the runners have started (with some delay, to give the official runners the ability to ).  Tail runs should be organized through the race organizer to make sure they are ok with you running on the route after the race, as you will not be paying the race fee, and are not an official participant in the race.  In the future, Pick’n Run administrators will be providing a list of races that have signed up to allow Pick’n Run tail runners to help with picking up trash after a race.

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