A Financial Move for the Environment

Starting a family is a big step for new parents, but what is the environmental and financial cost of having one or more children? Is it best to have no children or one fewer than planned? There is a benefit to not having a child in both costs in the long run, in the carbon footprint. This is one of the items talked about in the article below:

Article: Your best financial move is also best for the environment


One Reply to “A Financial Move for the Environment”

  1. DZemon

    Really! Not having children is your solution to fixing the environment? Why don’t we just bring in the gas chambers and eliminate all non-essential, non-productive citizens? Why don’t we just commit mass suicide? We don’t because life has value. Every life.
    As far as the financial costs…people should be allowed to spend their money on what gives them joy. My children bring me great joy. It is incredibly wonderful and life-fulfilling to raise my children and watch them become responsible and caring adults. It doesn’t matter to me that I won’t be able to afford to rent a private island for a month every year in retirement. I may not have known what I would be missing out if I had never had them, but I WOULD BE MISSING OUT!


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