Pick’n Run using The Alley Makerspace

Being a Michigan Tech student has many benefits. One of them is being able to access and coach workshops promote creating at the Alley Makerspace.  The Alley Makerspace is a place run by Michigan Tech students to allow students, faculty, and staff to work on building things that inspire them or are part of their course work at the university.

The location of the Alley has a fun history tied to it.  The location in the basement of the Memorial Union Building was once a bowling alley for Michigan Tech students.  A group of upperclassmen decided to convert it to a makerspace for Michigan Tech students to have access to when they need tools for their projects.

For only being open for about two years, word is starting to spread  among students about the Alley. In fact, an engineering course for freshmen requires students to use the Alley to design wind turbines this year. My first engineering course last year didn’t get to use the Alley once, which I was a tad bit jealous (and still is). I only heard about the Alley when my dad messaged me their link.

This year, my dad convinced me to take the opportunity of becoming a coach at the Alley, which I did. The requirements while being a coach are the following: 1) complete the training, 2) participate/complete one workshop improvement project, and 3) work for at least two hours per week. A benefit of being a coach is having access during closing hours, which means being able to access equipments to work on the prototype bags.

Now with access to the Alley, it is time to make.

Photo Credit: Magann Dykema

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