Second Prototype Design and Making Process

On July 13, 2016, I finished designing, sewing, and piecing the fabric together to create the second Pick’n Run prototype bag. Below are the photos of the completed prototype.

The first change you’ll notice is the material that was used. Instead of the cheap fabric from the first prototype that was used as a practice for my sewing, I purchased quality material from two local fabric stores called Field’s Fabric and JOANN Fabrics and Crafts. The second change is the design. I ended up  laying out a new design to test an idea based on two questions: 1. would using a vertical bag  make it easier to put and store trash than using a horizontal bag (use gravity and the runner’s movement to keep trash in the bag)   and 2. would having less straps keep the bag sturdy than having three straps as the previous prototype? You can see in the gallery below. Click on a photo to enlarge the image.


Compared to the first prototype bag, I used a different shape to make the bag more of a funnel with the volume increasing the further you get from the top. That way more trash could be stored without having to worry about them falling out. And as for the strap, even though it was made for another backpack, it allows me to test if this kind of strap would work for our backpacks.

So far, it is still being tested by myself and others. To read the feedback from each test, click on these links to access the blog posts with the feedback:

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