Running events that are environmentally sensitive

Over the past couple of years, we are starting to see events that are environmentally sensitive. For example, events by Ultra Adventures and Vacation Races.

Ultra Adventures holds running events in Zion National Park, Grand Canyon, and Bryce Canyon.  They have a sustainability mission statement with the following points:

  • Solar powered event
  • Supporting Local Businesses and artisans
  • Supporting local communities

Vacation Races holds half marathon races in various locations were there are national parks, including Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain National Parks, and more — which is similar to Ultra Adventures in terms of location, but are all half-marathons.  They have a “Cup Free” policy (for example, for the Yosemite Half Marathon).

The locations of these races are places where you “run where you play”m which is the tagline for Vacation Races.  [ BTW: Ultra Adventures tagline is “run elevated” ]

These events tend to be more expensive compared to road races and non-environmentally sensitive events, however, they are tend to be sold out quickly.

Article: Googly-Eyed Trash Eaters May Clean a Harbor Near You

While there is trash on land to pick-up, there is trash in our water ways that needs the attention. Plastic bottle, cigarette buds, and even tires flow along the water ways and into the ocean. Well in Baltimore, John Kellett decided to take action and clean up their ports and water ways by creating a water wheel at the end of Jones Falls River. It is solar- and hydro-powered, which promotes cleaner energy for a cleaner cause. Not only did it collect thousands of pounds of trash from the water way, but the public supports it to the point where John Kellett was able to create a second wheel.

For more of this story, click on this link:

I also found a video from NBC News about the water wheel that I suggest you should check it out.