Article: Man running 20,000 miles across America to inspire kids to exercise

Have you ever dedicate yourself to run an average of a marathon everyday to be an inspiration to a generation of children?

Jim “Gump” runs to inspire children and adults to exercise, even during a busy day. He runs through Colorado everyday on an average of 22 miles in order to carry the message across to schools, races, and homes. And to top it all, he is running 20,000 miles across America. It is not his first time doing something like this, for he started off in England when he had a full time job.

Interested for more of his story, click on this link.

Also, what he is doing is very very similar to what Daren Wendell, a runner from Kalamazoo, Michigan, is doing. He created a program called Run Daren Run in order to fundraise clean water to the people in Ethiopia, by running 100 marathons for 100 days. Check out more about him if you are also interested.

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