From Recycled Old Phones to 2020 Tokyo Olympic Medals

With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics coming up in three more years, Japan has begun its plans for creating the medals. What they are asking from their public are their old cell phones and electronics to produce the 5,000 Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Medals. That is as much as eight tons of metal (40kg of gold, 4,920kg of silver, and 2,944kg of bronze after production) as they aim to collect. For such an important world wide event, Japan wants to “contribute to the story, to raise awareness about a sustainable future and to make a unique contribution.”

Tokyo 2020 Engages all of Japan in Medal Initiative 

Not only will this decrease the amount of e-trash in the landfill, but the project will also get the public to contribute with a simple act. Their project is similar to what we are trying to do with the exercising and picking up trash.

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