More Trash Than Fish

During my high school Environmental Science class, my teacher shared an article with us about trash in our oceans. I asked her for the link and she sent me this:

I found it interesting that our thrown daily material could have such a big impact when not handled properly. Along with my research of this situation, I found similar articles from different sources that explain the situation.
In the abc 3340 article (my personal favorite), an elementary school teacher, who scuba-dives in the ocean, challenges her students to reduce the amount of daily trash they make after showing pictures that she took during her dives. The images are shocking to the kids to the point that they are switching from nonrenewable products to renewable products.

VOA News:
BBC News:
abc 3340:

Situations like this is something that can be prevented if we pick up trash off our streets, beaches, neighborhoods, and parking lots. And dispose them properly. That is what Pick’n Run is aiming for.

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