Creating High Quality, Simple Houses by Using Discarded Plastic

Since plastic is a big part of our daily lives, it is also a common material found on streets (trash). With the Pick’n Run initiative, we would pick up the plastic (trash). That plastic can be recycled and be used in a different form.  What if I told you the plastic that you pick up from the streets could be used for something to help decrease the homelessness.

A young man, Oscar Mendez, is proving that there is a way to create decent homes for homeless people while reducing waste plastic. He is creating building blocks to build houses for homeless people.  This link leads to a video that describes his workings: This Man is Building Homes for the Homeless Using Discarded Plastic 

Here is another link to an article more about him and his works: Oscar Mendez – Providing Decent housings for the Homeless while Reducing Waste Plastic


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