A Local Hero of Trash Picking

About three months ago, a young man named Cliff Relph finished spending 100 days picking up trash in the Knight Street Neighborhood in Vancouver.  He would walk around picking up trash that he found laying around. Locals have called him a local hero, dedicating himself to spend time outside to pick up trash that people left on the ground in the neighborhood. He found banana peels, a frying pan, and even batteries laying around. Even though it was a tough activity for him, he said he was dedicated to make a difference in his neighborhood, doing what most people wouldn’t do.

If you want to read about his 100 day adventure, click on this link to get more details: Knight St man’s 100-day trashpicking project finally over

The way he takes pictures during his trash finding neighborhood escapades is something that we are trying to make easier for people like Cliff: while a runner (or walker) finds trash during his/her runs (or walks), he/she can pin it or picture it with the PnR Mobile App. Doing so will pin point the trash’s location.  The runner (or walker) can then pick up the trash (i.e. pick it up).  The application stores that information to provide a documentary of where trash is located, if the trash has been picked up, or if others can help pick it up. [ pin it, picture it, pick it up ]

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