A Runner Running for Peace

People, there are ways to create peace between nations around the world. This one is among the toughest mission to achieve, but the long term reward is worth it. Reza is a runner who is attempting to create peace just through running. From land to water, this man will do what ever it takes to achieve his mission for world peace.

Run With Reza

Think about what this man is doing that we have not thought about doing for peace. He is a very good example on taking a common idea (sports, activities, etc.) to the next level. So far, he ran the borders of the US (over 11, 720 miles) in 202 consecutive days. His mission is to run 198 countries and paddle across the ocean (I don’t know which one). This epic journey will take a long time, but he has the spirit and support to achieve the impossible. Let us do the same thing: achieve the impossible.

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