A Christmas Holiday Promise: Developing First Version of Pick’n Run Web Site and Mobile Applicatons

Over the Christmas holidays I made a promise to Martin that I would work on coding the basic mobile application for Pick’n Run.

Since the day before Christmas (Dec 24th), for two days, I have been working on writing the code.  So far I have been able to get the basic items in place for the infrastructure: i.e. database structure, mapping the trash markers, listing the trash markers, adding/editing trash makers on the web site.  The next step: adding the mobile device app.

Our goal by January 3rd (the end of the Christmas holidays) is to have a basic input method via a mobile device by January 3rd.  We are developing the mobile app so that Martin and I can use it to collect data from trash runs.  The first thing we need to do is collect data to see where the trash is located in our local city: Kalamazoo.  Once we have the input method to a level that others can understand how to use it, then others can to use it for their own needs.

Before the mobile add can be developed, the basic needs will be developed for web site application user interface.  The web site application will show how the data will be portrayed to users and administrations.  The first version of the mobile app will just be for data collection, not visual usage.

Data from the runs I did in June and yesterday’s Christmas run are in the database and are being used for testing the web site application.  Yesterday we did our Christmas run to the Gibson guitar factory.  During the run I took pictures of trash, so I turned the run into a trash run to collect data for the application.  I learned some valuable lessons about problems with taking pictures on a run, and especially during the snow.  That will be talked about in a different post in the near future.


I want to point out that our goal with Pick’n Run is to provide another method for cleaning up streets.  Since Martin and I are runners, we are able to get our feet on the ground to see the small amounts of trash in the areas that we run.  We feel that other runners will jump in to help out, as they are like-minded — i.e. runners don’t like to run in areas where there is trash.

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